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Life is short and it's a big world out there. Myrmidon Olympus Club is for people of all walks of life that want to see the world in a way that they can't accomplish through their typical travel options. Not just one trip, not just one mountain, but a lifetime of exploring the corners of the world. It's for folks that want to experience some of the world’s most austere, remote and astoundingly beautiful locations. If you want raw, honest experiences that challenge and awaken you physically and spiritually each time, then Myrmidon Olympus Club is for you.

Outdoor weekends

Want to refine your fly-fishing techniques or learn how to climb a mountain? Perhaps you and a companion would like enjoy nature while experiencing a new outdoor pursuit from some of the best guides in their discipline.

International expeditions

Climb your Everest. Whether it's actually climbing Mt Everest and the 7-summits, fishing & diving the major oceans of the world, or peddling your way across continents, Myrmidon Olympus Club will get you there.

multi discipline adventures

Why take the same path as everyone else when more exciting roads exist? Don't limit your valuable time off with a run-of-the-mill vacation. Fill it with multiple adventures that challenge and you fulfill you physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Leave the worries at home

With Myrmidon Olympus Club, you eliminate the risk of a traditional expedition.

  • A private membership club for members and their guests only
  • Fully vetted expeditions and member application process to meet your high standards
  • Premier expedition leaders and subject matter experts with years of experience and training from the US Military to guide, train and lead members on any expedition
  • Myrmidon Olympus Club provides in-depth training and leadership instruction, making it easy to pursue any outdoor interest you might have


Your time is too valuable to waste

Selecting and planning anything from an outdoor weekend to a multi-week expedition can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Olympus Club makes it easy. We are dedicated to choosing the best destinations and creating the most inviting and interesting expeditions that not only push the limit but, allow our members and their families to grow, learn and experience more than ever.