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Myrmidon Expeditions was founded by former military and professional athletes in 2015 with an original vision of spending time in the outdoors with fellow veterans and athletes. Since 2015, Myrmidon Expeditions has led teams of our peers on trips that included:

  • Biking and climbing across France and Russia
  • Trekking, climbing, and skiing in the Himalayas
  • Hiking to the top of Africa
  • Taught outdoor skills and team building throughout the US in preparation for international expeditions
  • Fished in the major oceans of the world
  • Explored some of the most remote corners of the globe on foot, bicycle, kayak, and horseback.

Most recently, on September 16th, 2017, Myrmidon Expeditions was involved in leading the 'Conquering Dreams' team to the top of Mera Peak in the Himalayas, setting a world record as Hari Budha Magar became the first double above knee amputee to climb above 6000 meters as part of the preparation to have Hari stand atop Mt Everest in Spring 2018. 

Since our first reconnaissance trip in 2015, Myrmidon quickly realized that the feeling of doing unique multi-discipline trips in the outdoors wasn't limited to just the elite athlete and military communities. In 2017, Myrmidon Expeditions decided to expand its program offerings and adjust the business model slightly to better share our passion of adventure with a larger audience. While Myrmidon has not abandoned its roots in the veteran and wounded warrior community, we recognize that there are millions of others interested in the outdoors and the quality & safe services that Myrmidon can provide through the Myrmidon Olympus Club.


Our Team

Executive Team


Scott Stutler

Chief Executive Officer

Scott joined the Marine Corps in 1993 after graduating high school in Thousand Oaks, CA, looking to see the world. Little did he know that his enlistment would continue for 22 more years. During those years, Scott did indeed see the world though, deploying 5 times to 17 countries around the globe, experiencing cultures from the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America, while training in desert operations, jungle warfare, and mountain and cold weather. Scott was also trained as a Marine Corps parachutist, Martial Arts Instructor, weapons instructor, and security manager. He served in armor, anti-terrorism, reconnaissance, and air defense units, and in 2015 retired as the battalion Sergeant Major of an infantry unit. Scott has always enjoyed the outdoors, and so chose to retire to Colorado with his wife, Kristina, and 2 daughters, where the opportunities for outdoor activities are abundant. He is a PADI advanced open water diver, and enjoys running, hiking, and camping. Scott and his wife are currently franchisee co-owners of a Yoga Pod yoga studio in Westminster, Colorado. Scott holds an MA in International Relations, an MBA and is currently pursuing an MS in Management.


Christopher Pollak


Chief operations officer

Christopher joined the Marine Corps after graduating Brown University in 2007. During his time in the Marines he filled various billets, from a Platoon Commander to running Information Operations in southwest Afghanistan. He has gone through various training that has helped him operate in the outdoors, from spending time doing unit training in Bridgeport at the Mountain Warfare Training Center to passing the rigors of Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) school. In 2012 at the rank of Captain, Christopher decided it was time for his next adventure. Upon leaving the Marines, Christopher worked for a major international oilfield services company where his job was to perforate offshore wells. Although a fun job, he started to realize that he was spending more time in the outdoors and sharing those experiences with those around him. As an avid mountaineer, Christopher has led expeditions in some of the most remote and rugged mountains in the world, to include the Alps, Caucasus, Altai, Atlas, and Himalayan ranges. It isn’t difficult to figure how Christopher got the idea for Myrmidon. He first started working in the outdoor industry in 3rd grade washing boats and mating for fishing guides during the summers in South Carolina. Since those early years, he became an Ironman Triathlete, competed in the 2004 Olympic Trials, is a 10-time marathoner and has fished, sailed and dived while visiting some 35+ countries around the world. Although Christopher grew up in South Carolina, he has lived in 12 states. Christopher is currently a Wilderness First Responder and EMT.

Notable expeditions:

- Expedition Leader for Conquering Dreams (attempt to get the world's first double above knee amputee on Everest)

- Sea-to-Summit-to-Sea from Normandy to Mont Blanc to Marseille

- Lhotse Unsupported Expedition (C4)

- Fished in all 3 of the major oceans

- Mongolia Altai Expedition


Daniel Walsh

corporate performance & athlete engagement

Dan is a two-time Olympian and Bronze medalist. He knows exactly what it means to be an underdog. Growing up in Norwalk, CT Walsh was considered an at-risk youth, who went on to achieve at high levels due to his determination and love of sport. His competitive spirit thrived during his high school wrestling days, when Walsh pushed himself from a skinny mediocre athlete with a losing record, to an all-County champion. In college, Walsh played an integral role on a “blue collar” rowing team, the Northeastern Huskies. Notorious underdogs, the Huskies fought to become worthy rivals of the top Ivy league crews like Harvard, Princeton and Yale. In the summer of 2009, he was inducted into the Northeastern Varsity Club Hall of Fame.

In 2001, Walsh made his first U.S. National Team, where he would compete for the next 12 years and made 11 teams in the process. In 2004, Dan participated in the Athens Olympic Games as an alternate, fueling his fire to compete in 2008, where he eventually won a bronze medal in the men’s eight. After the Beijing games, Walsh was awarded a rare key to the City of Norwalk and a proclamation of “Dan Walsh Day” from the Governor of CT.

Dan’s professional career began as an entrepreneur and co-founder of Engine Room Fitness where Dan was able to utilize his personal training experience and athletic training/exercise physiology degree. After his retirement from professional rowing. In 2012, Dan returned to his alma mater Northeastern University, where he helped the NU Huskies reach collegiate success during his tenure. He was also Director of Athlete Engagement and Sports Legacy at Boston 2024, the organizing body that attempted to bring the Olympics to Boston. 

Dan co-founded Myrmidon Expeditions alongside U.S. military veterans in order to revive his former lifestyle of performing at elite levels of competition while sharing that passion to others.

Of all of Walsh’s impressive accomplishments, he is most proud to be a father Stella Walsh and husband to wife, Keri. In his free time, Dan enjoys going hiking, camping, surfing and just enjoying the simplicity of the outdoors.

“There is one sure fire way you won't achieve your goal, and that is if you QUIT. Seek out failure--that is where you meet your true self and really discover what you are capable of.”



Peter Pollak

Peter Pollak, a Virginia native, has 35 years of experience in resort development, sales and marketing. Peter has a true respect for land conservation and the outdoors, which began as a student at the University of Virginia. There, he spent his summers working on surrounding horse farms that were under land conservation easements. The beauty of the protected land inspired him to incorporate preservation and conservation strategies into his future personal and business life.

Peter’s efforts have resulted in 5,000 acres of land being placed into permanent open space conservancy. He has also preserved 13 miles of riverfront property on three different developments, as well as 15 miles of enhanced and protected ocean frontage in the Caribbean. His respect and passion to introduce the outdoors to families can be shown through the developments of Brays Island, the Greenbrier Sporting Club, Ford Plantation, and the Turks and Caicos Sporting Club in the British West Indies, among others.



Robert Rippee

Robert Rippee is the Director of the newly formed Hospitality Lab at UNLV. Robert is also a technology and hospitality consultant with Elysian LLC. He is the former senior vice president of marketing for Las Vegas Sands Corporation. He brings more than 25 years of innovation experience in hospitality along with a powerful network of advisors and mentors across venture capital, big tech, big hospitality, and gaming. He serves as a board advisor and consultant to several early stage technology startup companies. Rippee has provided CXO consulting and mentoring to both startups and growth stage enterprises as well as consulting services on innovative thinking and product development to mature brands. 

Rippee holds an MBA in Operations Management from the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business and an undergraduate degree in Finance from The University of Wyoming. Throughout his business career, he has received several prestigious industry awards and he’s been tapped as a thought leader and asked to lecture at organizations as diverse at the Luxury Marketing Council in Manhattan to The Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University. 

He is a Veteran, serving as a Pilot in the United States Navy. 


rob crosby.jpg

Robert Crosby

Former Professional Snowboarder


Steve van Knotsenburg

Team Canada Olympian / Adventurist



Daniel Cornella

Professional Rock Climber / U.S. Marine Corps Veteran


Giving Back


While Myrmidon Expeditions is focused on creating the best outdoor experience for each one of its members, we are also focused on helping out our fellow man and the environment. To this end, we strive for all of our expeditions to have a scientific research, sustainability efforts, or charitable outreach component.

Partnered with Conquering Dreams, our founder Christopher Pollak has been selected as expedition leader for military veteran Hari Budha Maghar, a former Gurkha, to be the first double amputee above the knee to summit Mt. Everest.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing story, click the button below


Mera Peak - Nepal September 2017

To obtain a permit to climb Mt. Everest, Hari first needed to successfully summit a peak of at least 6,000m. Partnered with Conquering Dreams, Myrmidon founder Christopher Pollak, Hari, and the rest of the team successfully planned, trained for and reached the summit of Mera Peak (6,476 m) in September making Hari the first double above knee amputee to stand above 6000 meters. Hari is now scheduled to climb Mt. Everest in the spring of 2018


Chamonix-Mont blanc - June/July 2017

To reach Hari's goal of summitting Mt. Everest, Myrmidon and Conquering Dreams trained heavily on Mont Blanc. They worked on emergency procedures, crampon walking techniques and survival skills necessary for mountaineering to gear up for Mera Peak, Hari's first summit attempt of 6,000m in September 2017.