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Go off the beaten path

Most tour packages are a copy & paste of one another, sending clients to the same sights alongside hundreds of other visitors. Sure, some of those sights are worth the journey & Olympus Club incorporates the must-see bucket list items into our programming, however that is just the beginning of what our members experience. With our multi-discipline adventures and cultural focus you might find yourself learning traditional archery and horseback riding from a Mongolian family while living in a yurt after observing Naadam, or share an experience with your family and friends while freediving alongside whale sharks off a distant coast. Why drive to the Grand Canyon when you can do a rim-to-rim followed by a bike and hike up the tallest neighboring mountain or experience Alaska by landing a float plane on a remote river during the peak of the salmon run? Regardless of your outdoor experience, Myrmidon Olympus Club members are able to live unlimited adventures. Contact us now to learn more about where your membership will take you and your family.


Below are just a few examples of what you could be doing on your next vacation:

  • Experience Naadam in a remote Mongolian town 
  • BBQ in Argentina after exploring the appeal of Patagonia
  • Golf on the world's highest course in South America
  • New Orleans Jazz Fest alongside a top Jazz performer
  • Watch the cars fly by during F1 in Monaco after you biked along southern France
  • Soak in Nepal, the birthplace of Buddha, while visiting monasteries on your way to Everest Basecamp
  • Fish, bike & hike the tallest peaks in Appalachia
  • Participate in a Southern pig & oyster roast after a weekend of harvesting the main ingredients
  • Celebrate with the local villagers after your summit of Kilimanjaro
  • Explore the Berber villages while hiking throughout Morocco

Included with all memberships:

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access to myrmidon Expedition leaders and technical experts

All of the Myrmidon Olympus Club Expedition Leaders are military veterans, focusing always on risk mitigation. With millions of dollars in training, our team of Expedition Leaders have an operating range in environments from -40° to +120°F and 150 feet below sea level to the highest 8000 meter peaks. Our Technical Experts are seasoned veterans within the outdoor industry. From professional anglers to elite athletes, we want to surround you with the best leadership and instruction. Whether you are looking or pre-trip advice for a Myrmidon Olympus Club or planning your own adventure, we are here to set you up for success. 


Your Own personal club

All Myrmidon Olympus Club trips & expeditions are exclusive to members and their guests. This means our team is able to understand and grow with each of our members. You, as a member, will be sharing unique experiences with like minded individuals seeking to continually undertake adventures year after year. The exclusivity of membership allows the expeditions to focus on personal growth by pushing beyond the traditional outdoor offerings. Lastly, by personally knowing each and everyone of our members, all programming and associated risk mitigation planning is developed with you personally in mind.

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Members benefits

  • Unlimited # of trips per year at discounted member pricing
  • Guest passes in order to share the fun with your friends
  • Lifetime membership
  • Special member deals on gear and travel
  • 24/7/365 Evacuation & rescue insurance
  • Evacuation & Medical Expense Insurance on all Club trips
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance on all international expeditions