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Breakthrough your comfort zone

Our international expeditions is what really sets the Myrmidon Olympus Club apart from any other expedition outfit. Whether it's a two month long expedition in the Himalayas or Antarctica, six weeks in Patagonia, or two weeks in Mongolia, we make history. Our Myrmidon roots stem from jumping on bikes and climbing mountains and we plan on bringing you into our team and adding to our list of accomplishments. With the ability to custom tailor any of the Olympus Club expeditions to your schedule, experiences, and desires, you & your loved ones will grow through challenging yourself mentally and physically. Cycle across a country, climb a peak, paddle untamed waters, or join for an entire sea-to-summit: the option is yours. Our team of Expedition Leaders and Field Experts will set you up for success. Follow our training plans, practice the skills we teach you, and you will find that only your imagination will limit the possibilities of your next expedition.  With a one-time membership fee and minimal annual costs, you and your friends & family will be able to grow while enjoying the outdoors together as a member of one of our expedition teams. 


Below are just a few of the locations we have lined up:

Antarctica    -    Mt Everest

West Papua    -    Philippines

China    -    Russia

French Alps    -    Morocco

Mozambique    -    Kenya

Tanzania    -    Broad Peak

Mongolia    -    Australia


“Through Myrmidon Expeditions, I’ve been able to tackle physical challenges that I could have never imagined and experience amazing adventures in breathtaking locations across the globe.  Before being a part of Myrmidon, I had never climbed a mountain and the furthest that I had ever run was 5 miles. Now, as a part of Myrmidon teams, I have run a marathon in St. Petersburg, Russia, and made a bid for challenging summits around the world, including Mt. Rainier in Seattle, Russia’s Mt. Elbrus, and the Altai Mountains in Western Mongolia. My experience with Myrmidon Expeditions taught me valuable risk assessment skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  These expeditions showed me the power of teamwork in a way I have never experienced in the corporate world and gave me the opportunity to be part of an elite team pursuing an ambitious goal.”



Included with all memberships:

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access to myrmidon Expedition leaders and technical experts

All of the Myrmidon Olympus Club Expedition Leaders are military veterans, focusing always on risk mitigation. With millions of dollars in training, our team of Expedition Leaders have an operating range in environments from -40° to +120°F and 150 feet below sea level to the highest 8000 meter peaks. Our Technical Experts are seasoned veterans within the outdoor industry. From professional anglers to elite athletes, we want to surround you with the best leadership and instruction. Whether you are looking or pre-trip advice for a Myrmidon Olympus Club or planning your own adventure, we are here to set you up for success. 


Your Own personal club

All Myrmidon Olympus Club trips & expeditions are exclusive to members and their guests. This means our team is able to understand and grow with each of our members. You, as a member, will be sharing unique experiences with like minded individuals seeking to continually undertake adventures year after year. The exclusivity of membership allows the expeditions to focus on personal growth by pushing beyond the traditional outdoor offerings. Lastly, by personally knowing each and everyone of our members, all programming and associated risk mitigation planning is developed with you personally in mind.

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Members benefits

  • Unlimited # of trips per year at discounted member pricing
  • Guest passes in order to share the fun with your friends
  • Lifetime membership
  • Special member deals on gear and travel
  • 24/7/365 Evacuation & rescue insurance
  • Evacuation & Medical Expense Insurance on all Club trips
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance on all international expeditions