Our Commitment to Safety & Risk Mitigation

Safety has priority!

Myrmidon takes the safety of all personnel extremely serious. Starting during planning and not ending until a post-evolution After Action Review (AAR) is complete; Safety and risk mitigation drives all discussions and decisions. Our team has vast training and experience in Operational Risk Management (ORM) in both military and civilian environments. The Myrmidon team implements risk mitigation and management practices it has used on the battlefield, in offshore oil & gas drilling, power plant project management, and collegiate coaching to ensure that all planning has been viewed, analyzed, and discussed in detail from as many angles as possible.

In order to ensure the safety of all individuals, Myrmidon Standard Operating Procedure calls for:

  • Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and/or Wilderness First Responder (WFR) equivalent trained cadre on all outdoor trips at a minimum.
  • AIARE trained cadre when operating in avalanche prone terrain.
  • Maximum of 6:1 member to cadre ratio during domestic activities.
  • Maximum of 4:1 member to cadre ratio on international expeditions.
  • Appropriate primary and secondary communication devices to call for emergency on all trips.
  • Buddy Team integrity - no individual will be alone.
  • Go/no-go criteria established during planning phase of all events and understood by all cadre.
  • Confirmation brief to be given by cadre to management before beginning any Myrmidon event.

The Myrmidon Risk Mitigation Plan meets or exceeds all insurance requirements and land use regulations.