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Be a better version of you

Do you long to join one of our international expeditions, but think you lack the experience? Or perhaps you just want to take in all that North America has to offer before venturing further out. Either way, our our North American membership plans are developed with the above in mind. With a one-time membership fee and minimal annual costs, you and your friends & family will be able to enjoy the outdoors together alongside our team of expert technical guides and expedition leaders. Develop new skills or grow existing ones. Regardless, we aim to not only teach the tangibles, but more importantly we will be there with you to ensure your enjoyment is maximized while risk is minimized.


Below are just a few examples of what could be in store for you:

  • Winter backcountry skills
  • Fly-fishing throughout N. America's rivers & coasts
  • Ski-mountaineer on Mt Shasta and then bike down the redwoods
  • SCUBA, in the FL keys up elevation in Lake Tahoe
  • Tuna fishing in LA and PEI
  • Cycle the Appalachian Mtns or take winery tour on bike in Napa
  • Paddle the San Juan Islands while spotting Orca whales
  • Sail the blue waters off the east coast and Caribbean
  • Hook a bonefish & permit in the Bahamas
  • Climb Mexico's volcano's
  • See the northern lights in Alaska while riding a dogsled
  • Kayak fish for Pelagic's in Hawaii
  • Refine your nature photography while camping among fall foliage

"I hiked to Everest base camp in April 2017 with no prior hiking experience. Trusting Myrmidon founder Christopher’s training regimen and his leadership throughout the entire trip, I gained the skills necessary to complete something I originally thought might not be possible."

– Peter, 65 years old (USA)


Included with all memberships:

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access to myrmidon Expedition leaders and technical experts

All of the Myrmidon Olympus Club Expedition Leaders are military veterans, focusing always on risk mitigation. With millions of dollars in training, our team of Expedition Leaders have an operating range in environments from -40° to +120°F and 150 feet below sea level to the highest 8000 meter peaks. Our Technical Experts are seasoned veterans within the outdoor industry. From professional anglers to elite athletes, we want to surround you with the best leadership and instruction. Whether you are looking or pre-trip advice for a Myrmidon Olympus Club or planning your own adventure, we are here to set you up for success. 


Your Own personal club

All Myrmidon Olympus Club trips & expeditions are exclusive to members and their guests. This means our team is able to understand and grow with each of our members. You, as a member, will be sharing unique experiences with like minded individuals seeking to continually undertake adventures year after year. The exclusivity of membership allows the expeditions to focus on personal growth by pushing beyond the traditional outdoor offerings. Lastly, by personally knowing each and everyone of our members, all programming and associated risk mitigation planning is developed with you personally in mind.

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Members benefits

  • Unlimited # of trips per year at discounted member pricing
  • Guest passes in order to share the fun with your friends
  • Lifetime membership
  • Special member deals on gear and travel
  • 24/7/365 Evacuation & rescue insurance
  • Evacuation & Medical Expense Insurance on all Club trips
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance on all international expeditions