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+ I've never done anything like this before, do I need prior experience?

Most of our activities within the US are tailored for all skill levels, from beginner to expert. Myrmidon is the jack of all trades with a range of field experts within each outdoor discipline. Members are able to come for one of the 2-4 day domestic weekends to learn new or improve upon existing skills, receive instruction on ways to continue practicing at home, and then return on another event to pick up where they left off. One of the aims of the Olympus Club North American programming is to give members the confidence and abilities to participate in the range of activities offered on an international expedition. Every experience is different, with some requiring more physical conditioning than others. As such, members should communicate their desires to Myrmidon Olympus Club staff early on so that we can assist in ensuring you're ready for your dream trips, and we can make sure that the trip is ready for you.

+ What are field or technical experts?

Backing up the Expedition Leaders are the field experts specific activities, providing the technical oversight and knowledge to ensure the best member experience. Field experts' backgrounds are from the professional guide & outfitting communities.

+ What is an Expedition Leader?

In short, the Expedition Leader is a U.S. military veteran and is the lead on all planning & execution for an expedition. Starting from more than a year prior to any expedition, an Expedition Leader begins the planning stages by conducting what we call a 'recce', or reconnaissance trip. This trip is where our team confirms or modifies any of the initial plans based on actual on the ground information. From there, the Expedition Leader is able to build out itineraries in more detail, determine what field experts are needed, identify ways to reduce excessive costs to our members, and assess & mitigate risks. After all that, the Expedition Leader works with the members to custom tweak the itinerary based on what the members personal desires are for the trip as well as makes sure proper domestic programming is in place to provide any training a member may need. This same Expedition Leader will then be with you from the expedition beginning to end.

+ How can I prepare for an expedition?

Each expedition will be accompanied with a kit list, detailed listing of what is compulsory and what is 'nice to have' before embarking on the trip. Furthermore, we will brief you on any immunization & visa requirements for specific locations as well as anything else that is applicable to the specific expedition.

+ Is there a minimum age limit?

Yes, the minimum age is 18.

+ Is there a maximum age limit?

No. In our members we simply look to see that they are fit and healthy enough to join the team, and that they don’t have any health or other conditions that might pose a risk to themselves or to the team once in a foreign country (as many of our expeditions are very remote and might be a few days away from formal medical care). It is about fitness and suitability for a given experience rather than age.

+ Will programming change each year?

Yes, we are constantly researching, coordinating, and planning for new locations and activities in some of the most remote and beautiful places in the world. Our expeditions are geared toward providing an exciting & unique experience for both our Expedition Leaders and members.

+ What type of impact does Myrmidon have on the areas it travels?

While Myrmidon Olympus Club is focused on creating the best outdoor experience for each one of its members, we are also focused on helping out our fellow man and the environment. To this end, we strive for all of our expeditions to have a scientific research, sustainability effort, or charitable outreach component. This could mean anything from providing information to researchers tracking animal herds, providing needed resources to a remote village, collecting research data for climate change studies, or simply removing plastic waste from an environment and leaving it better off than before we visited.

+ Why can't I find detailed itineraries on your site?

Current members have access to detailed itineraries for domestic and international expeditions. Where possible, we try to have tentative itenraries available to members for 12 months out.

+ [insert activity here] has no interest to me. Am I able to do only part of an expedition?

Yes. While we promote the team aspect involved in any expedition, we understand that both schedules and personal interests differ from member to member. Your time is valuable and we want to make sure you are doing what you truely want to do during your time off. We make our best effort to structure all our programming so members can choose 'a-la-carte' style in order to accomadate your personal schedule. While an expedition might be 5 weeks in total, you can come for 1, 2, or however many weeks & activities you want.

+ Can members schedule a customized expedition?

Yes. One of the many benefits of membership is access to our team of Expedition Leaders. We can help plan a private custom trip for you anytime. Additionally, the first 15 members have the ability to help plan their own personal dream trip for inclusion on our expedition schedule and all members will have at least some input into the creation of future trips.

+ How do I join Myrmidon Olympus Club?

By clicking on the 'Contact Us' page and filling out the contact information and asking any questions you might have, our team will contact you with more insight into Myrmidon Olympus Club, membership details, the application process and answers to any of your questions.

+ Why join Olympus Club vs. selecting other outfitters?

By joining Olympus Club, we put in 12+ months planning for each trip and by having personal relationships and years of experience our members know the experience they receive is unparalleled. Also, each trip is tailored to the members needs to make it truly personal and unique. Finally, each trip has the ability to be multi-faceted with numerous activities to take part in. The world is your clubhouse.

+ Is membership financing available?

Yes, our memberships can be financed through the LightStream division of SunTrust bank which will finance up to $100,000 unsecured.

+ If I have a family membership, can my family members use it without me?

Yes. As long as they are 18 or older and listed as a family member under membership.

+ What are the annual dues used for?

Like any club there are annual dues. Our dues are used for expenses such as staffing, insurance, and the continuing professional training & education of our team.